Tuesday Lunch and Programs

Previously referred to as the Tuesday Afternoon Club, Tuesday Lunch and Programs with Afternoon Tea, has been a long-standing tradition of TMC’s history. The formality of the Tuesday Afternoon Club began as an avenue for women to receive better knowledge of key history, art, and literature matters. The programs were cited as a stimulate of intellectual ferment.

Tea was a custom of the Club since its founding. After every Tuesday Afternoon Club, tea was served. It was an event that welcomed drop-ins if ladies strolled past the club. In 1942, when the Club had no kitchen, the preparation of sandwiches and desserts were supplied by the Hospitality Committee.

For many years, a regular schedule of lunch and programs were carried out with 2-3 programs after lunch. In 1968 the format was changed recognizing that one programs a day was more beneficial and relieved the stressors of having to schedule multiple programs in one day.

Today, a program is presented after lunch followed by a guest speaker who speaks about current issues relevant to many demographics.

Anyone wishing to attend a Tuesday afternoon Lunch and Program, must register by the Friday before the respective Tuesday. VIP Members are able to attend all lunch programs at no cost. Lunch is formally served as a white table service, and provided at an additional cost. Other membership levels and non members are welcome to attend the day programs, however are subject to the non-member fee.