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Welcome to The Manor Club of Pelham

TMC is an organization of over 200 men and women who share broad interests in the arts, history, and cultural matters. Our enriching environment allows members to engage with each other and the community to foster these interests and enrich their knowledge and understanding.


To serve the community by preserving the interest of arts through educational programs. We purpose to generate the awareness of how art influences life, specially in youth and children, in order to drive the appreciation of arts throughout generations to come.


To provide quality musical, cultural, theatrical and historical & author events.
Committed to showcasing arts, culture and philanthropic efforts within our community.
Embracing the diverse cultures and highlighting the benefits of inclusion.
Driven to engage the children and youth to support their interests in the Arts.


Club History

The Manor Club of Pelham was officially established in 1913.Prior to the establishment, the cornerstone for the original building was laid 1887. It was a men’s club called The Manor Club and although was exclusive to men, the wives and female friends were usually invited to use the building on Tuesdays. The activities the women held became known as the Tuesday Afternoon Club, a tradition that continues to present day – Tuesday luncheons and programs.
The Club voted to purchase two lots of land on the Esplanade, numbers 161 and 162. The purchase price was three hundred dollars. May 28, 1883, The Manor Club was officially incorporated. Plans were made for the building, and Mr. F. Charles Merry was engaged as the architect.
The cornerstone was laid on Thanksgiving Day with hymns and speeches, with a restriction of alcohol consumption in the club. Mr. Henry W. Taft, brother of President William Howard Taft, and a distinguished citizen of Pelham Manor was the speaker for this occasion. In 1888 the Club was opened, often referred to as The Manor Club or the Manor House. It housed a tiny stage for amateur theatricals, lectures and musicals, an assembly hall for dancing, and a ladies reception room with a large fireplace and a library. On the other side was the poolroom and billiard room. There was also a small kitchen, and dining room. Below was a bowling alley. Outside had tennis courts and croquet grounds. Membership fees were 12 a year for each family. The Club was managed by a Board of Directors, five men, and a House Committee which consisted of five women. The women’s duty was to arrange for the Saturday evening entertainments. The Manor Club became the center of the social activities of Pelham Manor.
The Four First Ladies of The Manor Club were Mrs. James Francis Secor, Mrs. Robert A. Holmes, Mrs. William Bradley Randall and Mrs. Robert C. Black. These four ladies names appear throughout the history of the Manor and we can assume extremely instrumental in the administration of The Manor Club. Mrs. James Francis Secor was the President of the Tuesday Afternoon Club from 1900 – 1914 and eventually the President of The Manor Club – a total Presidency of 25 years. A picture of Mrs. Secor hangs over the fireplace in the library. This is an original 1922 painting given to the club by George Brehm, a notable portraitist. The frame for this painting was a gift from the Executive Committee of the Men’s Club of Pelham.

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